One (Year)

Exactly one year ago today I began reclaiming my dancer's soul.

I honor this day as a wonderful birthday of sorts, because the decision to dance again changed my life. (Dancing -- or not -- has always brought change.)

When I left my first class a year ago, I was wobbly and inspired. I was frustrated, too, because it was clear that I had a lot to work on.

I decided to give it a year.

I pledged to pass no judgment on myself for a year. I would not critique myself, I would simply show up, do the work and see what happened. I would strive to give myself unconditional acceptance, in part because it was offered to me by strangers -- two men who became my teachers and 100+ classes later, also have become my friends.

Silencing my inner critic is no easy task. It was really important to have reinforcements in that battle.

I persisted, and a lot happened in a year. 125+ hours of class and rehearsals. 2 musical theatre workshops. 2 new pairs of dance shoes. 1 recital in a red dress. 1 blog. Countless new friends.

What a difference a year makes.


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