We are Family

Wow. I had no idea the "dance blog" community was out there in force. So pleased to meet you all!

I'm grateful for all the support that put Born Again Dancer in the Top 20 at Dance Advantage's Top Blogs of 2011. I've met several insightful dancers and writers who are sharing their dance experiences -- and there's many more out there.

People like Adult Beginner, who braved her first ballet class at age 32 and did not cry in class -- I can relate to that. It takes a lot of courage to walk into a dance studio with expectations, whatever they may be -- I've written about the many obstacles we face when pursuing something new, especially in dance. They are financial, mental, logistical, and physical. Adult Beginner earned top votes in the Adult Dance category, and it's easy to see why -- her thoughtful observations, sense of humor, authenticity and self-awareness are magnetic. Looking forward to more!

I originally found Dave Tries Ballet on Twitter. Not only is he pretty adept at spelling in French, he's beautifully open about the challenges and opportunities of being an adult dancer, especially one studying ballet. What a treat to be placed in the Adult Dance finalist category with Dave and Adult Beginner!

Then there's Dancing with Stefanie, who has my deepest admiration for diving into ballroom dance competition. Sometimes I don't know what my own two feet are doing -- to add a partner is a big step! Last year I told one of my dance teachers that I wanted to find a dance partner to explore swing dance and other styles. This year, I may need a new approach. As a social dance teacher told me last week, "find the guy, and I'll teach him to dance." We'll see. My husband has good rhythm and it'd be fun to dance with him.

Thank you to Dance Advantage for creating this opportunity to meet 32+ like-minded friends.

Happy New Year!


  1. Hey! Thanks for the shout-out! I feel the same way - very blessed to be connecting with this extended dance family. Glad you are a part of that. -Stef

  2. Glad Born Again Dancer could join us!!

    And Stefanie, nice to find your blog as well!


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