Sh!t Ballet Teachers Say

For five months, I ignored a nagging pain in my hip, lower back and leg. When three ibuprofen didn't do the trick to get me through a ballet class, I decided to see the orthopedist. I'm now a diligent physical therapy patient and pilates student, doing my clamshells, pretzels, etc. on a daily basis. Until I'm back at the barre more often, here's some of what I miss about ballet class.

"Oh my gawd."

"Like when you’re training a dog not to pee in the house, when they pee, you take them outside to the grass. You’ve got to train your muscle memory the same way. Finish in fifth."

"It's like baking cookies…if you leave something out, it doesn’t work. Same thing – being on demi point – if you’re just partway there, it doesn’t work, you must lock in the ankle."

"How do I say this without hurting anyone’s feeling or getting fired? Keep your hips forward." 

"It’s okay if you do it that way, I’ll just talk about you behind your back."

"The most important thing in ballet is...everything."

What does your ballet teacher say?


  1. haha!
    ballet teachers do say some funny things!!!

  2. You wrote, "I'm now a diligent physical therapy patient." My daughter has a dance injury and we're looking for a PT who knows something about that. If you could recommend someone, I'd be most thankful.

  3. I think it's not only ballet teachers feature. More you are able to do yourself, more mistakes and lacks of knowledge and skills you notice at your teachers. Just general thought :)


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