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Oops! I Did It Again

Here we go again ... my dance card is full -- full of unused classes that I must use or lose by the end of May. "But you go to dance classes all the time," you say. "How is that possible?" Because I carry dance/fitness membership cards like Lindsay Loh@n carries credit cards. Because I'm dance diversified, like a well-balanced portfolio. Tap over here , Broadway Jazz over there , hip-hop, pilates and barre classes here and there . Because almost a year ago, I stopped going to ballet every week to make more time for exercises to strengthen my core (yawn). An ever-changing schedule of work and family activities and commitments requires Advanced Dance Class Calculus to create a weekly routine. (Its expression is obvious only to me.) And it is imperfect, hence the surplus classes on my dance card. But it's happened before , and here I go again. Nine classes in two weeks? I can do that. My diverse dance schedule created a collection of dance/fitnes

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