Vote for Top Dance Blog of 2011!

I'm feeling a little shy about this. But I need your help.

If you have read and liked my Born Again Dancer blog posts over the last three years, you're qualified. You see, there's a contest on for Top Dance Blogs of 2011, hosted by Dance Advantage. -- and there's a category called Adult Dancers.

You see where this is going now. If you like my blog, please leave a comment on this post. What do you like about Born Again Dancer? I love all the comments and responses my friends and readers have shared on Facebook over the years, and I really love it when I see comments on the actual blog itself -- that's kinda exciting.

So will you comment on this post, please, and make me a contender for Top Dance Blog 2011?

Thank you, thank you for taking time to comment.

For those of you who've been with me for awhile, here's a "Born Again Dancer" retrospective.

First masthead - feeling a bit shy perhaps?

Feeling a bit more confident here. Thanks to Leilani for taking this pic after a hip-hop class.

Created this pic when I got "The Shoes" two years ago. I'm on a second pair now.

And here's a short list of blog/essay filenames and titles on my computer that haven't made it to "print" yet:
Crying in class
Birds of a feather
Born this way
Bunny tales
Deep water
Finding my voice
Sing sing (can I really?) sing
London jazz
Three people you need

Curious? Tell me what I might write about next time.



  1. This blog is great! It is my favorite dancing blog.

  2. Proud of my dear, talented friend, and this blog ROCKS! Considering she is a mother of two little girls, owns and runs her own marketing/PR business, has made her dream of dancing on stage a reality AND has found the time to put all of this into a well-written, interesting blog, I think she deserves some recognition. Go LB!

  3. Every time I read it, makes me want to dance!

  4. Humorous, serious, heartfelt, encouraging, and always well written.

  5. Love, love, love and look forward to Laura's posts every time!

  6. Three years ago I was, to put it politely, surprised to hear about Laura's journey to rediscover her inner dancer. Now, I'm uplifted, enlightened and transported whenever I read her posts. Her words flow as beautifully as her dancing.

  7. Laura is a voice for many of us who study dance past age 13.[or 30 or 40,or 50!]. Well put,spot on,and straight from her heart.I love it!

  8. I love reading Laura's blog about dancing! I too am a born again dancer and everything she writes about really hits homes. She is a beautiful dancer and writer, and I am blessed to know her!

  9. Always looking forward to seeing what's next! Love, love, LOVE Laura's posts!

  10. Laura, I'm so glad I saw your post on FB today. I love your blog! Congratulations on dancing and sharing what it's like for you. I would like to read about "finding my voice."

  11. Actually, this is the ONLY dancing blog I follow! ;-) But it resonates with me on so many levels. As a kid my folks made me take ballroom... and I was less than thrilled. Years later, when I lived in Germany, the nightclub I frequented (Uno) would pause in the middle of the evening from the normal Europop and play several waltzes. Turns out, I was the only dude that could foxtrot and so I always had a line of dance partners.

    Years later I spent a lot of time doing hip hop in L.A., but other priorities caused me to stop dancing, running and working out. Recently I started running again and taking a hybrid hip hop/Zumba class at the gym that is heavily choreographed and led by the superbly talented Ty Denton. And I have once again found my inner Uno just as Laura has rediscovered her inner dancer.

    Thank you Laura!

  12. I watch her leave for dance. I watch her come home from dance, and if I'm lucky I actually get to watch her dance, but through this blog I get to understand her dance. What it means to Laura to rediscover the inner dancer. Thank you for sharing your passion with all of us.

  13. A dancer must have passion and compassion...and Laura the dancer, the person, the blogger exemplifies these qualities.

    I have called her 'superwomen', a title she refuses to embrace...which I believe is because she sees no end to the possibilities she can work to make happen in her dance more, to blog more, to care for her family more, to raise the barre in her business, to touch more lives with her caring.

    When Laura and I are in a class together, it makes my day...her positivity, talent, spirit, energy, smile, and laughter fill the studio with joy.

    I consider myself lucky to know Laura...I love ballet, more than anything, and have had significant health issues that have affected my ability and aptitude to dance...but, she took me under her wing, and never let go...her compassion for others is astounding...she invited to write a piece for her blog, which means the world to me, for her to consider me a fellow dancer.

    As I stated previously, passion and compassion make the dancer, I don't believe one can have presence on stage without them...and let me tell you she has presence, like the sun at the equator!

    I love her blog, except I think it should be called, 'Born to Dance'...she was born to dance, and never needed to be reborn, she just came home to the stage :)

    Life is an journey, blogging is a journey, and dance is a starts with a jolting spark and never ends...and, as with any journey, it all begins with one, incredible, --DANCE-- step :)

    xoxo Laura Bond Williams!

    All the best,


  14. BEST BLOG! I love hearing Laura's passion come alive in a blog form. Even if you don't get the chance to meet her and see her dance in person, you can almost glimpse into what it takes to be a dancer and the passion she has for it. Truly an inspiration!

    Keep up the great work! ox Sabrina

  15. I'm so proud and thrilled to know Laura. She's a continual inspiration to me. I love reading her blog, and perhaps, soon, I too will become a "Born Again Dancer."


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