Hot Honey Rag

So that first class -- the one where I didn't cry, hooray -- was like sucking in a huge lungful of oxygen after being in an airless environment. I was left gasping -- literally and figuratively.

But it sure fed the fantasy I'd been having for the six weeks leading up to that day, as I watched all the students learn Broadway numbers. After the 35 minute choreographed warm-up, our teacher said "Okay, how about Hot Honey Rag?" This number, from the musical Chicago and choreographer Bob Fosse, is all about style and attitude. It's not especially difficult, and everyone looks great doing it.

Which is not to say it is EASY. But you decide. Here's one of my favorite performances of this number. Right after "All That Jazz."

After that night, my need to go back to class was as potent as my love for my family. I couldn't imagine life without it. Now that I knew what I was missing...I couldn't miss it, anymore.


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