Two rules

From the witty and wise author and coach, Martha Beck, in her book Finding Your North Star.

"Rule 1: If it brings you joy, do it."

"Rule 2: No, really. If it brings you joy, do it."

That advice sums up the 10 months between August 2008 -- when I took my first class at Ballet Austin -- and May 2009, when I danced in three workshop performances and one studio recital.

Putting the joy of dance into my life became a significant resource for managing anxiety that has lived in my body for many years. In the last 10 months, life has happened as usual with its numerous joys and milestones (our wedding anniversary, my daughters' birthdays, the start of kindergarten); and grievous loss (the death of my best friend's newborn daughter, Lily Christine, who touched my soul in ways I never could have imagined; and the passing of my paternal grandmother, age 97). It also has presented new opportunities/challenges (I decided to form a business with a partner).

This new thread of dance, of movement, now woven into my days and weeks, is strengthening my fiber in both expected and surprising ways.


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