For Those About to Blog (Or Read)

I've loved words as long as I've loved dance, so marrying these loves seems natural in this blog. But my Virgo, perfectionist self would like to offer a disclaimer.

I pledge this blog will improve. Which means, it won't be all about me (at least I'll try). Four years ago, when my daughters were infants/toddlers, "mommy blogs" were REALLY taking off. Friends said to me "You should start a blog." My reply: "I'm not self-absorbed enough to amuse anyone with a blog." (Especially about controversies like natural childbirth, bottle or breast, co-sleeping or crib...YAWN.) (And I tried to blog about work. Good night, I got bored fast. That blog effort is around here somewhere ... don't bother, it's boring. I'd delete it but ... well, okay, I'll delete it.)

Some very supportive friends are following my new hobby, and I appreciate that they would take even 10 seconds out of their days to read my cheaper-than-therapy journal. You know who you are. Thank you.

Looking ahead -- my vision for Born Again Dancer includes:
- Color photos and artwork
- A peek at vintage Playbill programs from decades past, like A Chorus Line in London's West End in 1977
- Interviews with other dancers, teachers, choreographers
- Favorite Broadway videos (What DID we do before YouTube?)
- Guest blogs
- Maybe ... a calendar of dance events in and around Central Texas (that's starting to sound like real work)
- Top 10 Lists, A Dancer's Desert Island Discs
- Recipes. (Just kidding.)

Woven into the nostalgia, anecdotes and observations is my own story, which I'm unraveling here.

Because I'm still grieving for the young girl in me who wanted to be a dancer forever. And as the grief passes, I am free to be the grown woman who is.


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