Eight Days a Week

The advantages of Ballet Austin's Butler Community School programs are numerous, one being its class-card system that allows you to buy a punch card and attend any classes on the community school schedule.

This "open class" system is a boon for an adventurous and busy dancer who may not be able to make a weekly commitment to the exact same schedule or who simply likes to take a variety of classes. (Both describe me.)

For the last year or so, I have bought my class cards in bulk at a discount each fall and spring, calculating my usual class load and buying accordingly. (On average, I attend four classes a week.)

Well, I miscalculated this spring, and I have 12 classes left and 6 days to use them. You can do the math.

So here's my ambitious schedule for the week:

Monday - Jazz Funk: Best defined by what it's not -- it's not hip-hop, it's not a classic, old-school jazz class, and it's not "lyrical" jazz akin to "So You Think You Can Dance." Kathryn is a sweet teacher who never makes me feel old, even though I'm old enough to be a mother to over half of the students in this particular class.

Tuesday - Doing a triple! Ballet Fit, Elementary Ballet, followed by Theatre Dance or Hip Hop. I did this last week for the first time. Deceptively exhausting. Truthfully, Ballet Fit is a strange bird of a class, where you do one-armed curls and push-ups in between battements and tendus. When I took Theatre Dance last week after taking both Ballet Fit and Jazz, I offered this disclaimer to my teachers: I'm half-#ssing it tonight. No point in trying to nail every jump and turn at 8:30 p.m. after 2-1/2 hours of dancing.

Wednesday - Pick one: Broadway Fit, Intermediate Ballet or Jazz Funk. This is my "light day" -- unless I choose Intermediate Ballet, and in that case, I'll be soaking my legs in Epsom salts by Thursday night.

Photo - Dancing Shoes: I earned a hole in the big toe of my left ballet shoe earlier this month. Why the left? I wish I knew, though I have a theory.

Thursday - Repeat the 3-peat! Ballet Fit, Elementary Ballet or Contemporary Jazz, Theatre Dance. Or I could squeeze Tap in there, if my lower back allows it.

Friday - Broadway Fit (followed by a 90 minute workshop/rehearsal).

Saturday - Zumba and/or Hip Hop plus Elementary Ballet, Theatre Dance.

Nearly 14 hours of class in six days? What will happen? I won't make it without the support of my sweet husband and daughters who lovingly support this marathon schedule. So I'll see you on Saturday -- and please know: I'm going to be hungry.

(c) 2011 Laura Bond Williams


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